Winter Schedule Of Classes

January  - March 31, 2020


Instructor: Rev. Sandra Turnbull

Date: Jan. 7 - Feb. 3, 2020

In this course, the Rev. Sandra Turnbull will guide us through the Scriptures that are often used to condemn Gay and Lesbians.  With her expertise in historical and cultural context, she will not only show that it is ok to be gay, but she will show how you are part of God's divine plan.  Rev. Turnbull is also the author of "God's Gay Agenda".

Romans- BIB217

Instructor: Rev. Janet Parker

Date: Feb. 4 - Mar. 31, 2020

This course describes the Apostle Paul's final detailed documentation of the truth of the Gospel message he had been preaching throughout the Roman Empire. In this book he addresses the issues of conflict between Jewish and Gentile Believers and describes the righteousness of God, given to humanity through God's grace.


Instructor: Rev. Donald Pederson

Date: March 3-31, 2020

There is a direct relationship between what we believe, and how we live.  Systematic Theology puts our Christian faith into an orderly and coherent system so that we can grapple with the "mysteries" of our faith and know with Biblical conviction what we believe and why we believe it. Please note this is part one of a two-part course.