Pastor- We Want to Give You Time!

What could you do if you had more time?

Time you can use to focus on your pulpit, people and planning.  

How?  By taking one little thing off your plate...your discipleship training. 


We know you want to disciple and develop your people.  But, like all pastors we know, you're busy.  So, where can you to find the time, topics and teachers to to provide a well-rounded training program for your people? 

Prayer Group


Let us help you to design and develop a program from our "ready-made" Online Bible School by:   

  • Customizing our curriculum to fit your training objectives.  

  • Mix-and-matching our classes to compliment your in-house training.   


  • You will have free access to all the classes to monitor the class content.

  • Keeps all your training in-house and under your purview.

  • Your students can attend classes anytime from anywhere. 

  • You get to focus on the million other things that demand your time.